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Offensive lineman contract review

You've heard it here and you've heard at reputable news sources. The Bengals concern, after the backup quarterback, the position needs at defensive tackle and safety, is signing their offensive linemen to extensions.

Willie Anderson is signed through 2006 and is scheduled to earn $4,750,000.  The Bengals other tackle, the young Levi Jones, is entering his final year scheduled to earn $795,000.  

Willie was a Pro-Bowl selection in 2005 and earned a spot on the AP All Pro team.  Levi Jones was a second alternate -- a crime committed -- and shut down some of the game's premier pass rushers.

Eric Steinbach earned was the first alternate and showed incredible versatility.  Against Jacksonville, Bengals center, Rich Braham, left the game due to injury.  Steinbach moved to center and snapped to Palmer without a problem.

Steinbach enters the final year of his contract scheduled to earn $460,000.  

Bobbie Williams, a 2004 free agency pickup -- a good one too! -- enters the final year of his contract and is scheduled to earn $1,550,000.  Williams, with Anderson on his side, is one of the biggest bull rushing offensive lines in the league.

Rich Braham, the veteran center who's beloved by most Bengals fans, enters the final year of his contract scheduled to earn $770,000.

Backups Stacey Andrews, Larry Moore, and Ben Wilkerson are also approaching the final year on their contracts.

Rookies in 2006, Adam Kieft and Eric Ghiaciuc, are the only linemen with contracts extending past 2006.

Willie Anderson wants the Bengals to address extensions for the "young guys" -- Jones and Steinbach.  Anderson would eventually like a contract to end his career on.  I think the Bengals should most definitely do that!