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Lions want 3rd or 4th for Harrington?

I want to apologize first if I offend any Lions fans.  But the way they're dealing with Harrington is really stupid -- I guess on par with everything Matt Millen does.

The new head coach says that Harrington is done in Detroit.

"I've decided to go in a different direction with Joey," said Marinelli. "I made the decision that I think is best for our team. We're moving on at this point without Joey."

The Enquirer reports, citing another newspaper, that:

...the Bengals have offered Harrington a one-year contract but now are balking at the Lions' trade demand. Once believed to be a deep second-day pick, the Lions' asking price has upped to a third- or fourth-round pick.

So.  The Lions, more or less, ensure themselves that Harrington won't be with Detroit in 2006.  However, there's a deadline involved. If the team can't trade Harrington by mid-June then the Lions are forced to pay the quarterback a $4 million roster bonus.

There's no way the Bengals will pony up a third or fourth round pick.  Heck, even a fifth round pick is questionable.

So why not wait until the mid-June deadline?  

However, the important note is whether or not the Bengals are done with the Lions.