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The NFL Network and Time Warner

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I don't subscribe to the NFL network. Not by choose, rather restriction of circumstances. I live in an apartment that forbids satellites on or around their property. So I'm relegated to Time Warner cable. Time Warner's position, according to the New York Times (Posted November 16, 2005)

some cable operators, like Time Warner, will not carry it without regular-season games.
There will be eight games broadcasted on the NFL Network -- including one with the Bengals. Don't worry about missing any action though. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that local teams will get the games on local channels IF the NFL Network doesn't reach mainstream cable operators in the area.
All of the games also will be shown on local stations in the teams' home markets. The package was created by taking Saturday and Sunday games that originally would have been shown by the league's broadcast partners.
After doing a Google search, there's overwhelming consensus that Time Warner will add the NFL Network very soon as a result of regular season games. Honestly, I wish Time Warner would get off their horse and just give their subscribers the option to pick it up. Now only if we can get a la carte cable choices, we should be happy campers. C'mon FCC, git 'er dun.