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49ers interested in Jeremi Johnson?

Geoff Hobson reports that the San Francisco 49ers have expressed interest in signing Jeremi Johnson - restricted free agent - to an offer sheet.  Now that has yet to happen, but I believe the Bengals would be well suited to sign Jeremi to a long-term deal.  Since being drafted in 2003, Rudi Johnson has twice broken the team's single-season rushing record.  Jeremi's blocking is well known among Cincinnati fans.

His rushing is non-existent but that's mostly due to Rudi and Chris Perry carrying the bulk of the running backs load. However, Jeremi has proven to be a quality outlet receiver for Carson Palmer -- especially during the blitz and around the red-zone.

In 2005, Jeremi caught 12 passes for 65 yards and three touchdowns.

Is Jeremi a young Lorenzo Neil?