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Rookies are in camp and learning

I have to be honest; I spent most of my weekend vegging out on the couch watching sports. I can't help it, I love sports. I love Friday night Busch races and Saturday night cup races. The NBA playoffs, for me, have been a joy and the Reds were on television -- not like it's a good thing, they got swept.

But since this is a Bengals oriented site, I guess I'll stick on topic.

The Bengals held their rookie training camp this weekend. You'll notice a lot of encouraging updates from and various newspaper beat writers.

Whitworth big enough for all sides: Geoff Hobson discusses Whitworth as a versatile player. Will he play left tackle or right tackle? Does that mean the Bengals question if they can re-sign Levi Jones? Also, Ben Wilkerson could easily be the next center for the Bengals; not just for his talent, but his leadership too.

On Wilkerson:

Between Wilkerson and Whitworth, no wonder LSU won it all. Alexander and his assistant, Bob Surace, have been raving for a year about Wilkerson’s work ethic as well as his presence inside the hot spots of the locker room, classroom, weight room and training room.

"I think his best attribute is his leadership," Alexander said. "He’s really a special guy when it comes to that."

Wilkerson is finally back on the field.

Frostee Rucker's road here wasn't an easy one, but a proud one. | Rucker late to camp for graduation.

A lot of rookie's played out of position this weekend.

Johnathan Joesph didn't get burnt when lining up against an Olympic hurdler.

Erik Meyer, drafted by the Reds (not a typo) is getting a chance as a Bengal.

Athleticism is key for the Bengals; especially on special teams.

Eric Henderson has an uphill battle; but one that's giving him a "new start".

Rookies learning the little things.