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Notes, David Pollack broken foot?

I got a call earlier in the day from someone that heard David Pollack suffered a broken foot/leg during a pickup basketball game recently. I'm currently trying to get that confirmed.

Geoff Hobson reports that Carson Palmer ran during camp and everything "felt fine".

Several players, while accounted for, didn't participate in voluntary workouts.

Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry are recovering from off-season arthroscopic surgery. David Pollack, Eric Ghiaciuc, Chris Henry, Deltha O'Neal, Adam Kieft, and Larry Moore are still recovering from minor injuries suffered during the season.

More Butch notes:

Defensive tackle Bryan Robinson got some snaps at left end with Justin Smith moving over to right end and Shaun Smith and John Thornton at the tackles. Justin Smith also took snaps on the left (as did Jonathan Fanene) with Robert Geathers working at right.

The draft class came up with a couple of interceptions as rookie linebacker A.J. Nicholson stepped in front of a Wright underneath route over the middle and first-round cornerback Johnathan Joseph jumped a route toward the sideline worked by the Johnsons, Chad and Doug.