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Palmer on the cover of SI

Isn't there a curse being on the cover of Sports Illustrated? And I hate to see what Steelers fans think when Palmer says:

"I hate (the Steelers)," Palmer told Sports Illustrated. "I keep thinking about how much, back in college, I hated UCLA. I hate the Steelers more than I hate UCLA. Yeah, it's because I'm jealous and I want what they have. I guess I'm just not that evolved."
Get 'em Carson. It's good to know both the Steelers and Bengals are heading into 2006 with a chip on their shoulders -- Edge: Bengals. And while the Steelers won after a gift exit from our star quarterback, there's no doubt in my mind that Pittsburgh didn't have a chance if Palmer remained healthy. No chance. Zero.

Courtesy of, to the right, is the cover:

Also on, Geoff Hobson shows all the Bengals ever on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Take note, there's no one in 90's -- the period Cincinnati just can't quite remember.