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What is the true nature of Pollack's injury?

Linebacker David Pollack, the Cincinnati Bengals' first-round choice in 2005, probably cost himself a starting job last season when he held out for the first week of training camp in a contract dispute. This spring, Pollack has suffered another setback, one that could affect coordinator Chuck Bresnahan's plans to install some 3-4 defensive fronts in which Pollack's hybrid skills would be a key factor. The former Georgia standout suffered a left-foot injury, reportedly while playing basketball. The injury isn't nearly as severe as some have suggested, but Pollack is in a soft walking cast and probably will miss much of the team's organized training activities over the next few weeks. Sources say that Pollack likely suffered some minor cartilage damage in his ankle but that he should be fully rehabilitated well in advance of the start of training camp.
(Len Pasquarelli, ESPN)