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Bengals notes, NFL owners meet and NFL rants

Sometimes I fear the NFL tries way too hard to grow.  But not in an expansive hand reaching growth, rather an effort to get a maximum return on your investment.  Can't really blame them; the free market is essential towards economic prosperity; and the NFL is doing just that.

But sometimes growing too fast, or too much, can be high risk business.  You see corporations in the cross hairs of the Justice Department for unethical business and violations of corporate law.  Some blame greedy executives vying for a maximum retirement package.  Others blame the complexity of the corporate world simply not understanding the laws and by-laws of corporate America.  Some blame the government trying to create a level of parity among all businesses.

It's like anything in life; for as great as something can be, it can be twice as bad if something goes wrong.  I'm sure before the government got involved, Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings were most happy with their future retirement packages. Now they risk going to prison for a long time if the Justice Department can present a good case (update, prosecutors are risking ruining the case).

I'm not suggesting the NFL is even close to becoming Enron -- too much of the NFL's infrastructure and model prevents it.  But I am suggesting to the NFL to remain conscience in the decisions made that best represents the health of the league, not pocket books.

  • This date in 1967, "The AFL granted a franchise to the Cincinnati Bengals."
  • Sports Illustrated photo gallery of Carson Palmer's rehab.
  • Vic Carucci reports the league's owners set an August 18th deadline for replacing hall of fame commissioner Paul Tagliabue.
  • For some reason, an unproven over-hyped rookie, forced the competition committee to reinforce a rule that already exists.  Reggie Bush has campaigned to keep number five which the committee said, no way.

    Good.  Rookies these days get so much more money than experienced proven veterans it's almost sickening.  The fact Bush wasn't allowed to wear no. 5 is someone relieving that this kid can't get what he wanted.  I also have to bring up that Bush, through sympathy reasons, wanted to donate 25% of his jersey sales to Katrina relief.  But since that effort failed, in a move to save face, Bush said that he'll still do it with his new number.

    Now it's time for Bush to start proving to the NFL that he's going to be an influential figure and not a kid just removed out of college dictating and demanding what he wants.  You have to earn that right.

  • Who the hell cares if Big Ben goes to Switzerland?
  • There was growing speculation that Joey Porter missed recent camps because he's sitting out for a bigger contract.  It's now believed Porter had surgery to repair cartilage. Just another example of the mainstream sports media assuming before searching facts. I think the media does more damage for most players than they do good for a few players.  Then again, the media is a business and we know their effort to mislead their readers for controversy is a highly utilized writing tool.
  • Looks like Jake Plummer finally reacts to losing in the playoffs.
  • Who in their right mind believes the NFL should be in Los Angeles?  Other than the NFL and the governator, we haven't heard about any push for a team. NASCAR is doing the same thing; the past race notably had plenty of empty seats.  And what makes anyone think if the city couldn't support TWO teams before, they could support one now?
  • Carolina picking up Keyshawn Johnson may have been a bad move, as some would suggest.   There's a chance it could upset the locker-room chemistry.  Will Steve Smith move over?  Will Keyshawn understand his role as the number two receiver? I'm sure, for Carolina fans, this will be a love-hate deal; loving they have two big name receivers, hating they have two big name receivers.  Wide Receivers are like lions in the wild (or Highlander); there can be only one.  SI discusses.
  • Seems as though Chicago is a bit confused why Thomas Jones still has the starting gig at running back even though Cedric Benson is the "future" and makes more money.
  • Cleveland getting a retractable roof?
  • Big Blue Shoe defends his Colts with a fan's passion.  He also provides an excellent recap of the Colts mini-camps.
  • Grizz believes Dallas losing La'Roi Glover isn't really a bad thing.  
  • Sean Yuille at Pride of Detroit is fired up for the season and has a nice run down of a few big-ticket items on the news front.
  • Pats Pulpit does an early rundown of the 2006 schedule.