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Bengals claim Ragone; news and articles

The Bengals picked up Dave Ragone off waivers Wednesday making him the fifth quarterback on the team; Carson Palmer, Doug Johnson, Anthony Wright, Erik Meyer.

Geoff Hobson also reports that the Palmer is still progressing quicker than anyone anticipated.  Andrew Whitworth is making great progress and David Pollack's cast is now removed. Chad is getting ripped because the rookie covering him, Johnathan Joseph, intercepted a pass.

The Steelers react after Palmer's comments that he "hates the Steelers".

However, Paul Daugherty loves Palmer's approach.

Palmer might not hate the Steelers for the same reasons you hate them, or I dislike them - the arrogance of their fans, the way they've bullied the Bengals forever, the arrogance of their fans, their unmatched success in the division ... did we mention the arrogance of their fans? - but now you know where the QB stands. It's front and center with you, Steeler Hater.

Palmer is in OTA.