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Dr Z. grades the Bengals...


BENGALS: They wanted a Whitner and settled for a Whitworth. Donte Whitner, the safety, was long gone when they drafted. Andrew Whitworth is a second-round tackle. (This lame attempt at humor merely points out how desperately I need the upcoming vacation, which begins next week. Full details of same will be furnished in June.) This Whitworth guy, by the way, is quite a character. Has never missed a practice due to injury. Has 52 straight starts, which the NCAA is claiming as one short of its all-time record. Hey, NCAA! Ever hear of an end named Barney Poole? Made All-America for both Ole Miss and the Blanchard-Davis West Point teams. Had a full career for each school, which you could do, uh, sort of, during the World War II era. I'm almost forgetting the top pick, CB Johnathon Joseph, close to the best on the board, second fastest at the combine at 4.31.