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Chad is pretty good against Baltimore's Geoff Hobson writes a nice piece about Johnathan Joseph off the field. However, a few days ago Hobson writes that Smith is pretty convinced he won't be a Bengal after this season.

The humorless Connor Byrne has a problem with Chad Johnson saying the Bengals will win the AFC North again. He goes on to tell us the Browns have "made major improvements" and the Ravens could be good IF McNair comes to Baltimore and IF Ray Lewis and Ed Reed avoid injury and age. But I wonder if the humorless Conner Byrne remembers how well Chad Johnson has played against the Ravens since Carson Palmer started at quarterback.

Week, Year Receptions Yards Touchdowns
Week 12, 2005 5 88 1
Week 9, 2005 5 91 0
Week 13, 2004 10 161 2
Week 3, 2004 8 99 0

Also, the Bengals signed Wyatt Gayer, a defensive end from NCAA Division III Anderson University, to a two-year deal.