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Will Bengals fans go into defense mode?

Let's quickly recap this off-season.

  • Chris Henry pleads guilty to drug charges and has another court date in August for felony gun charges.
  • A.J. Nicholson is being charged with theft stealing electronic equipment from another former Seminole.
  • Bengals sign Dexter Jackson and Sam Adams to solidify weak points in the defense.
  • Bengals sign four quarterbacks; Doug Johnson, Anthony Wright, Dave Ragone, Erik Meyer.
  • Bengals looking to give extensions to Eric Steinbach and Levi Jones.  Willie Anderson voices displeasure making some conclude this will be Anderson's final season.
  • Jeremi Johnson and Bobbie Williams receive extensions.
A lot has happened this off-season, no doubt.  Sadly, much of the publicity is focusing on the first two above bullets.

Has the Cincinnati Bengals turned into a franchise we'll spend more time defending than promoting?