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Palmer now leading 11-on-11 Drills; Got Dillon?

Once again, Corey Dillon ain't happy. Why do I bring this up? For years Dillon was a malcontent with the Bengals every stinking season. Sure, he had some valid points about winning and all, but he never really contributed to the winning forumla. He left the field while the coaches demanded he get back in the huddle. Every contract issue with public and drawn out. While he was a great running back -- not trying to take anything away from him -- he did little to help Cincinnati win. Why is he mad this time?

"I feel real disrespected," Dillon said, after the Patriots ended the open portion of the team's three-day mandatory minicamp. "I feel like I have accomplished zero, not even a grain of salt in this league. And that's terrible, for a guy of my status. I've been doing this for a long time.

"I sleep real good at night. I know who I am. Maybe other people can't really gauge who I am. That's fine. I know my status. I know what type of player I am. I know what I bring to a team."


I'll be interested to see the Pats Pulpit reaction to this.

Bengals mum on Henry

THE INCREDIBLE progress Carson Palmer is making is, well, incredible. But Palmer admitted, he's just not ready yet.

Palmer may have felt out of sorts and maybe no one is willing to say if he'll be back for Kansas City or the July 29 start of training camp. And he admitted it began to sink in Thursday, when he only did one 11-on-11 drill, that he's simply not ready.