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Another clown slamming Bengals discussion boards.

I think when professional newspapers feel required to twist the contents of a fanbase discussion forum as the reason for their article is a joke. It levels on a line of laziness like Hollywood making sequels and remakes; rehash what's already been. It seems like they always make the remakes worse and the sequels less worthy than the original.

Paul Woody of the Richmond Times Dispatch uses an article written by Ray Fittapaldo that takes three comments, out of thousands, twists it without proactively understanding the context; fans slamming Steelers fans, not Ben, not the Steelers organization, or the players.

Woody goes on to link the site of the criticism as; if you go there, it redirects to The original Fittapaldo article also linked later changing it to the correct site, But that was two full days after the correction.

Woody not only posted the wrong website two days after the correction was made on the Post-Gazette website but he generalizes Bengals fans by saying:

Bengals fans think they have a right, perhaps even an obligation, to criticize the Steelers and wish ill for Roethlisberger.
Hey Clown, you're piece is not only embarrassing to yourself, but your paper too. You're poorly written article, with obvious anti-Bengals sentiment, drips from the poison you write against the fan base by referring to an article that's factually incorrect.

Read the article written by a member of that forum, with the handle of JoiseyCat, that proves the fiction the writer writes.