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Review of Bengals Troubles.

Let's first recap Chris Henry.

  • Henry was arrested (December 15th) and charged for marijuana possession. Henry pled guilty, completed a 28-day drug treatment program and avoided any jail time. Henry said at the time, "I see that I am responsible to my team and my coach and to all Bengals fans to be completely drug-free. To all of them, I can only say that I'm sorry."
  • On January 29th, Henry was arrested and charged with "felony counts of possession of a concealed firearm, improper exhibition of a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm.". His trial is set for August 21st.
  • On June 14th (last Wednesday), Henry turned himself in for providing "alcohol to three women all under the age of 21. One of the women is identified as Monica Beamon, 18, and the others are cited as unnamed 15- and 16-year-olds. The criminal affidavit charges that all three women were in Henry's car when he provided them alcohol, with the knowledge that all were under the legal drinking age of 21." Henry is set for a pretrial hearing on June 29th.
Now on to our rookies. In the NFL, there's always a debate of character over talent. Would you rather support a team with class or a team that wins at all costs? I think it's a tough question. AS for me, I'll pick class any day.

And thinking about it for a second, it's much like modern politics. This past year, there has been multiple instances of some politicians illegally obtaining contributions for their respective election campaigns. You see it all the time. That's winning at any cost. Then you have the politicians who believe what they preach, do not illegally obtain contributions and keep their word to their constituents. That's winning with class. Yes, it's harder to win with class, but it's much more honorable.

Hopefully this trend of players getting into trouble with the law ends with Rucker and we can move on.

THE BENGALS ON THURSDAY released wide receiver Jamall Broussard.