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Around the SB Nation Football Network

I'd first like to welcome Shrug to the football SBNation network. Shrug is heading up the Seahawks camp at Field Gulls. Personally speaking, Shaun Alexander is a sympathetic figure in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Playing high school football in Boone County Kentucky, Alexander runs a few charities in this area as well as his Seattle based charities. Some people think he's brash and arrogant. From my perspective -- following him through high school -- not only is he a great running back, but a good great human being too. Welcome Shrug.

Let's start with our division rivals.

There has been rumors going around that Vinny Testaverde could join the Browns to back up Charlie Frye IF Ken Dorsey doesn't work out. ChrisPokorny at Dawgs by Nature doesn't seem to mind.

Behind the Steel Curtain has a nice roster break down of the Steelers linebacker corp. This is in part to the overall roster preparing for the 2006 season. I have to ask Blitzburgh though; are they relishing in their Super Bowl win a little too much? ;-)

Chicago's Windy City Gridiron reports that Lovie Smith "loves" running back Cedric Benson. In case you haven't heard, Thomas Jones is sitting out for a bigger contract. Why you ask? Well it seems that players these days think, after having one 1,000 yard rushing season, they deserve raises (for doing their job!). If there's one thing I hate about the NFL, and professional sports in general, is a player having one good season and thinking they "deserve" more. Alternatively, this makes me speculate Thomas Jones' antics aren't about money; with Benson right behind Jones, Jones may just want to leave.

BigBlueShoe at Stampede Blue is just a little tired (and frustrated) with the media.

Grizz at Blogging the Boys reports some mysterious news on Jason Witten. From various posts, the media covering the Cowboys have an uneasy feeling about the offensive line.

Sean Yuille over at Pride of Detroit posts that Charles Rogers is rededicating himself after a disastrous start to a promising career. I was saddened to see on another post that Tiger Stadium will be torn down. The one thing MLB has over the NFL is nostalgia and tradition. Before the stadium boom in the mid to late 90s, MLB owned some of the most historic stadiums in all of professional sports.

Pats Pulpit reports Deion Branch is another unhappy camper and is sitting out for a contract extension.