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Bengals notes and Ricky Williams

From T.J. Houshmandzadeh being carted off the field following a Madieu Williams collision to Dave Ragone hitting it off with Carson Palmer, the Bengals have only one bit of headline news coming out of camp; troublesome players off the field. It's sad in one aspect because the embarrassment caused by Nicholson and Henry. But in another, it gives a reprieve from the press to Palmer's recovery, Chad's mohawk and continuing negotiations with the Bengals offensive linemen.

  • A.J. Nicholson is now in Florida answering his charges of "grand theft audio".
  • Hobson reports that Palmer is participating in quarterback drills even taking off his knee brace for some.
  • Hobson also reports that Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry, Chris Henry, David Pollack, Justin Smith, Odell Thurman, and Sam Adams didn't practice Wednesday because of either injury or personal reasons. Head coach Marvin Lewis, of course, isn't saying anything like some CIA agent getting one up on the KGB.

WILLIAMS, FOUR CARRIES, SEVEN YARDS - I don't think Ricky Williams is a troubled person. He just follows the beat of his own music. But he doesn't get arrested for theft, spousal abuse, battery, or felonious gun possession. I'm not excusing Williams, he failed to follow NFL mandate of a proper NFL player; and as a result Williams will miss the 2006 NFL season.

And I do think if Joe Theismann is going to rip Williams publicly, he better be fair and condemn those that actually do harm to others and those that break the law. It's a wonder why many don't like the guy that much.