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King on the Bengals

I'm not a big Peter King fan. Nothing personal; just think his articles are boring, over-written, and drawn out. Provides little analysis with the actual game and plays a gossip-style columnist common to Page Six of the New York Post.

Anyway, he says of the Bengals...

6. I think there are more than a few whispers around the league that Marvin Lewis isn't overly focused on character when he builds his Bengals. In the last few days it's been disclosed that rookie linebacker A.J. Nicholson -- who'd been suspended at Florida State for the team's bowl game last season after he was accused of sexual misconduct (he was never charged) -- has been charged with grand theft and vandalism, and that troubled receiver Chris Henry was charged with DUI. It's a slippery slope, and I'm not saying Cincinnati should be filled with Eagle scouts, but that kind of stuff usually comes back to haunt you.