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A few Bengals previews (article dump)

The OSU Sentinel recaps the AFC North's 2006 NFL draft class.

The Bengals should have just drafted the entire Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. Cornerback Jonathon Joseph in the first round comes with huge risk to reward. Andrew Whitworth, OT has all the measurables but lacks the skills, and I smell bust. Frostee Rucker, DE was a good value pick and the Frostee Machine will fit well with this Wendy's littered state. A.J. Nicholson, productive on the field and in the justice system. At least he will be on the same page as Chris Henry and the rest of the fugitives. Reggie McNeil, QB will most likely play WR for the Fugitives, but it will be interesting to see if Marvin Lewis can use his athletic ability effectively.

Grade: C+

A Bengals preview from a Vegas perspective.

The 2006 Cincinnati Bengals enter the season with the hope of improving on their impressive playoff run last season.  The Bengals return the core of their playoff team, but have been plagued by offseason arrests that include the likes of Chris Henry and A.J. Nicholson.