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Welcome Vikings Blog, Camp is Closer, Selling Stadium Name Rights

The Cincinnati Bengals training camp starts July 29th; two weeks this Saturday.  It's like the smell of rain 15 minutes before the down pour.  You know it's close.  You can see it, feel it, anticipate it and, more importantly, gear up for it.

The expectations and stories are clear:

  • Palmer's rehab.
  • Defensive upgrades.
  • Players with pending legal issues.
  • Tough schedule, playoffs?

I can't wait.

ESPN's John Clayton provides his 53-man roster of the "best team money can buy".  Build the best team under the current NFL salary cap structure.  Clayton included two Bengals:

Starting Split-End Receiver: Chad Johnson ($6,419,801)

Starting Left Guard: Eric Steinbach ($1,000,000)

The Cincinnati Enquirer ran an op-ed piece about the city having problems receiving money back from the large tax increase to pay for Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark.  Ben Palatchi suggests selling rights to the stadium to repay for the large debt the city is in after the stadiums went up would greatly help.

In the past month, The Enquirer has reported on tax and other proposals from Hamilton County commissioners that would generate funds to pay for a new jail. One story noted a stunning fact that the last significant tax increase, the special half-cent sales tax initiated in 1996 to pay for the stadiums, has a projected $191 million deficit when it's due to be fully repaid in 2032.

The most logical approach to address a significant portion of this shortfall is to sell the naming rights of Paul Brown Stadium to a corporation. Federal Express paid $205 million for the naming rights of the former Jack Kent Cook Stadium.

Sadly, he's right.  I never want the Bengals to lose the name of "Paul Brown Stadium" but the city's current economic disaster is more important.

What do you think?

Jason Wainscott at, takes the large task of defending Mike Brown.

I wrote the same thing several years ago.  I didn't so much defend him as I did acknowledge (and support) his growth to what a standard NFL owner should be -- a competitor.  I think, as an owner, his change in philosophy is as much reason to the Bengals success as anything.

I'd like to wish best of luck to our newest NFL collgue, Gonza, the "boat captain" of the Daily Norseman.  Personally speaking, I lived in the Minneapolis area for over six-years when I was much younger; so it's nice to see the Vikes and Twins win.

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