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FoxSports ranks leagues best RB teams

FoxSports ranks the Bengals as having the fourth best RB team.

4. Cincinnati
Rudi Johnson is for real. Trading Corey Dillon to make room for Johnson now looks like the smartest thing the Bengals have done since drafting Carson Palmer. Or maybe since they hired Marvin Lewis. These Bengals have been on a roll lately. Johnson is young and doesn't have very many carries under his belt, so he's one of the safest bets among the top backs to stay healthy. Johnson has a strong backup in Chris Perry, a one-time first-round pick who also is one of the more misunderstood players in the NFL. By reputation, Perry is a great outlet receiver but nothing special as a runner. Our numbers say Perry did well when he carried the ball, but his -5.4 DPAR was the second-worst receiving total for a running back in 2005. Sure, he had 52 catches, but many of them were meaningless: only 7 of his 17 catches on third or fourth down actually converted for a new set of downs, and Perry actually lost yardage on four of his receptions. Jeremi Johnson is (characteristically) underrated at fullback; the Bengals run behind a fullback more than any other team in the league, 93 percent of the time.