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Bengals "bad boys"

Thursday was a busy day in Cincinnati. It was first reported the Bengals picked up another player that most teams wouldn't touch because of a questionable past. A few hours later the story broke that Odell Thurman (starting middle linebacker) will be suspended the first four games. Here we go again.

All of this came on the heels of a shocking trade next door.

The reports, which at this point have yet to be confirmed by NFL or Bengals officials, broke that Odell Thurman will be suspended for the first four games after failing the NFL's substance abuse policy. I think it's wise to point out, this doesn't necessarily mean that he tested positive; even if you miss a test, that's an automatic positive result.

Picking up Ahmad Brooks out of the University of Virginia, in the third round of the supplemental draft, means the Bengals forfeit their 3rd round pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

Brooks, in 2004, was one of 12 semifinalists for the Butkus Award (Odell Thurman was another). Brooks's injury plagued 2005 season changed his original plan of joining the 2006 NFL Draft after his junior season. Deciding to remain with the University of Virginia to build his draft value, a story broke that Brooks was "dismissed" from the team after failing a drug test. The Cavalier Daily first broke the story on February 19th:

Virginia football linebacker Ahmad Brooks, a 2004 All-American and Butkus Award candidate, failed a drug test within the past two weeks and will not be practicing with the team this spring, according to two sources close to the team.
Whether or not Brooks comes in as reformed with a desire to start anew, is well within question. But is Brooks -- multiple injuries in 2005 and removal from a football team for drug violations -- really worth a 2007 third round pick?


Frostee Rucker's arraignment on two counts of spousal battery and two counts of vandalism was continued to Aug.11.
Is it reasonable to say that Marvin Lewis is now developing a history of drafting questionable characters? The trend of modern professional sports valuing talent over character, to me at least, is somewhat alarming. And the fact the Bengals have become the "bad boys" of the NFL makes it that much worse.

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