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Sports Potpourri

I'll be honest. I enjoy sports. Baseball, football, racing, basketball; all of it. Well, except for soccer; I believe there's only one "football" and that's the americana version. Sure, it's an international sport, but personally, I just don't care for it. Tennis is hitting the Cincinnati area this week.

Monday night kicked off the Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open. Website here. The biggest story is that Serena Williams will be making her comeback in Cincinnati -- actually, it's in Mason, about 20 miles north of Cincinnati. Only three within the top 20 ranked players are making the journey. Tonight (Tuesday) Williams will take on the number two seed (11th ranked), Anastasia Myskina.

The women's tournament in Mason (Cincinnati for out of towners) generally doesn't bring in the best players. On the other hand, The men's tournament, The Western & Southern Financial Group Masters (108th by the way) the best show up; 49 of the top 50 ranked players have already entered for the $2.45 million purse. Not bad.

IF YOU WATCHED NASCAR THIS WEEKEND, you'll agree with me; TNT coverage is horrible! For every 10 green flag laps, TNT will run 5 green flag commercials. They missed all but a handful of restarts after cautions and missed nearly all of the lead changes throughout the race. Why? Because of 26 commercial breaks.

I don't think highly of Bill Weber either. He'd be a good master of ceremonies, but recites so many clich?s (over and over) and tries to act way more poetic than should be allowed in anything NASCAR. For example: "There are 10 laps left, and the leader will have to complete all them to win". I lost consciousness seconds after. Unreal.

All indications show that Barry Bonds is done. Reports suggest that Bonds will be indicted and that Bud Selig will "do something about it". I'm not sure he can wreck the sport anymore than he already has or even save face.

Barry Bonds is a cheat. But he's not cheating you. Not me. Not San Francisco advertisers, not the organization, nor their fans. Barry Bonds is cheating the game of baseball - and everyone else that does it. Baseball is nothing if it doesn't have its traditions, history and stats. If you delude the stats part, then it only has its traditions and history. Sadly, Selig is doing his best to beat both of those into a bloody pulp.