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The search for NFL commish continues

The NFL is trying to find a suitable replacement for outgoing NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.  I think the biggest problem owners will have deciding the new commish, is the mindset of actually trying to replace a guy like Tagliabue.  The natural successor to the great Pete Rozelle, Tagliabue has led a league that has seen no strikes or lockouts that forced regular season games to go unplayed. During Tagliabue's reign, the NFL has earned massive multi-billion dollar media contracts, secured financing from non-football entities for new stadiums, slowed the rampant use of steroids and helped create the parity we see in the financial foundations in professional sports today.

Will they replace him?  Unlikely.  But people thought that back in the day when the NFL father Rozelle retired in 1989.

The search continues...