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Highs and Lows

Marvin Lewis spoke at a press conference this morning addressing some issues (mostly non-football issues).  Lewis, while disappointed and apologetic to the team, reminded everyone that these are still accusations, not guilty verdicts.  Local radio show host, Lance McAlister, on his radio show talks about his "insider" with some unpublished and unconfirmed things that will happen soon.

They are:

  • Chris Henry will be cut.
  • The charges against Frostee Rucker and A.J. Nicholson will be dropped.
  • Johnathon Joseph will be signed really soon.
THE REASONING for Chris Henry being cut (during the normal cut down periods) is logical.  Is there a chance Henry could be used as trade bait?  Perhaps to Oakland for a third rounder?  Unquestionably, Henry's future in the NFL took a hit from his off-season woes. For his career to continue, he'll need someone to take a chance on him and it appears teams are less likely to do that; not with fans raising torches in lynch mob masks (ala Young Guns II).

THE NATIONAL MEDIA continues to do their best playing their "Bengals are convicts" card.  The most popular term I've seen is the Cincinnati Trail Blazers (or Jailers).  It's almost like the National Media preys on kids that make horrible choices.  And most of the time, as the conclusions with the Bengals will show, most of the national condemnation is lazy, pointless, and tired.

In the end, we have Odell Thurman who's failed two drug tests and we have Chris Henry (drug possession, gun possession, etc...).  Two bad apples out of an entire organization isn't a character problem; it's a national media who's quick to turn young men into criminals before even being found guilty in the court of law.  That's sad.

I'M JUST THANKFUL we don't have to deal with the Jerry Porter's of the world.

I WORK IN DAYTON and "enjoy" a 50+ minute drive home.  Tuesday, I drove boss-man to and from work and we talked some football (mostly Reds baseball though).  One topic was Vince Young.  It's interesting to me how the Titan's are approaching their quarterback situation.  First off, they screwed the perfect mentor for Young in Steve McNair. Both have similar styles.  But there's no mentor period (ala Jon Kitna to Carson Palmer). And in this day in age of demanding instantous results, that's going to be tough on him; too tough?

I believe going from college quarterback to NFL quarterback is the toughest transition in sports.  The speed of the game jumps 20-fold. The available time for a pass is closed by half.  It's about progressions and timing; not hopping in the backfield looking for someone open and/or taking off. Only one man can do that, Michael Vick.  But even he fails to lead his team to victory in the weaker NFC.

Let's be honest.  Young scored big in the draft being in a weaker-than-normal Big-12, a dropped Ryan Hamby pass and an over-confident USC team. I won't deny Young had an incredible game. That's not my point. I honestly have nothing against him personally.  I've heard nothing but great stuff about him as a person. I'm just not convinced he'll transition into a successful NFL quarterback. Didn't he score a "6" in his Wonderlic intelligence test?

So what if I'm a Buckeyes fan, that's not the point. (well, maybe a little)

PETER KING wonders if the Bengals are "running an NFL franchise or a state pen."  I'd hope he understands a state pen has awful food and aren't allowed outside for 23 hours of the day.  The Bengals allow better commodities.

I wonder this.

Peter King: My name is Peter King and I write about the NFL at Sports Illustrated.
Marvin Lewis: Who?
Peter King: Peter King
Marvin Lewis: Oh, you're the guy that writes gossip football-less stuff about the NFL and tries, but fails, to be funny.  
Peter King: Uh, I guess so.
Marvin Lewis: Yea, I thought so.
Peter King: Can I interview you?
Marvin Lewis: We don't allow visitations.
Peter King: Huh?
Marvin Lewis: Leave.