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Rookies to sign Friday; Perry's expanding role

Various reports hint the Bengals will have the entire draft class signed Friday. Would this be the first season in which all the draft picks were signed at the start of training camp? The money these rookies get is insane.  Vince Young signs a five-year deal (option for sixth season) with $25.7 million guaranteed. Mario Williams signed a five-year deal with $26.5 million guaranteed.  Maybe it's just me, but that's an awfully large sum of money for a couple of guys that have yet to play a single down in the NFL.

CHICK LUDWIG has a quick run-down about Tab Perry's expanding role with the team.  Last season was an eye-opening season for everyone as Perry made inroads as a kick return ace.  In comparison to the league, with guys that returned at least 50 kickoff returns, Perry ranked 7th. Perry has a great opportunity to replace Chris Henry; if he gets cut soon. But can he impress the coaching staff more than Kelley Washington and Antonio Chatman (two expected to compete for the #3 WR)?

Draft Picks to sign
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