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Camp news and notes

The first practice has come and gone and the attention is focused on Carson Palmer.  Offensive coordinator, Bob Bratkowski, is giving his main quarterback about 40% of the total snaps in camp; a number that he hopes will limit Palmer's wear and give Anthony Wright and Doug Johnson a chance to win the number two spot. Most likely, Palmer's first pre-season game will be the third against the Green Bay Packers.

As Geoff Hobson writes, Palmer doesn't feel 100% comfortable yet and will as training camp stretches on.

  • Rucker is the only draft pick still unsigned but should be in camp real soon.
  • Odell Thurman, even though he's allowed to practice during pre-season camps, is in Georgia dealing with "family issues".  Uh-huh.
  • A.J. Nicholson said the charges against him are likely to get dropped.
  • Sam Adams, Chris Perry, Jonathan Fanene, Kelley Washington and Kyle Takavitz missed practice due to injury.
Hobson's notes
No distractions
Going to camp?
Bears have legal troubles too!
Palmer a welcome sight for Bengals fans
Lewis ready to move on, with or without character
No. 1 pick Joseph avoids holdout, inks five-year deal

Lewis on Odell Thurman: "We expect him here, but if you want to be in charge of him, you're welcome," Lewis said. "He's dealing with some things with his family, and they asked that he'd be allowed to do this. We're not going to worry about a guy that's not here or a guy that's not a part of our team right now."