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There's a ton of enthusiasm in regards to the Bengals supplemental draft pick, Ahmad Brooks. Personally, I believe Brooks is the eventual successor to the troubled Odell Thurman.  Rumor and speculation keeps hinting Thurman could be gone for the entire season. Is it related to "character" or something else that's not being made public?  Who knows?

In Geoff Hobson's piece regarding Brooks, it seems to me that the young man from Virginia understands the attention he's getting.  As Hobson points out, it seems that Brooks also understands how his actions have hurt him and all he wants now is a new chapter.

"With everything going on, people in Cincinnati probably think, 'He's another troublemaker, another druggie,'"Once I get out there, the fans might be able to say, 'That's a good pickup.' Just like everybody else would say. That's what I would like to do."

Other notes:

- Carson Palmer practicing two days in a row, in less than 24 hours is encouraging news.

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