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Reaction on Jerk-line, Wright officially starter Sunday

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The response for the new Bengals jerk-line phone number is mixed. You have some that hate this concept because the policy and consequences is too subjective. What results in your dismissal? What's the policy? Will it be abused? These are all legit questions.

Football games are what they are. It's a dangerous slope, as a friend convinced me, to suggest such a radical idea in a rowdy environment such as an NFL game.

Other teams will be watching this too. If the phone line ends up being successful, then teams will follow. To me, that would be a better solution than banning alcoholic beverages, wouldn't you agree?

I think the biggest harm -- introduction of the jerk-line -- has done, is the unanswered speculation. The poor effort by the team to disclose detailed information, policy and procedure on how this will be used, has created a justified backlash. People are speculating way too much. It's the team's responsibility to help fans understand there's nothing to worry about. Personally, I believe it's on the fans and customers to conduct themselves well without a hall monitor. But in the end, this line was implemented for a reason; fans complaining; preventing potential lawsuits against the organization, etc.

Willie Anderson loves this idea because of the kids.

"I think it's a responsibility that grown-ups have for kids," Bengals tackle Willie Anderson said Tuesday at Georgetown College after training camp practice. "They've got to respect the kids.

"Say what you want to say to us, but it just looks bad when we're held to a certain standard of what we say and how we act in front of kids. I think fans should have a certain responsibility as well.

"Kids are listening to adults and they are listening to their fathers and mothers cussing a guy out or saying crazy things to a guy, they may grow up and think they can do those things."

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED there's a media conference with Hamilton County and the Bengals discussing the anti-trust suit that was thrown out; county is appealing. I hope the media asks how much money the county spent, during this suit, to get their money back. They are wasting more money to get back money they believe was wasted. Does pig-politics know no limits?

Chick Ludwig chats with Dave Lapham.
Players, coaches take games seriously

I THINK IT'S NO SURPRISE to see Anthony Wright will helm the first team offense this Sunday night. Palmer has looked good during camp -- scrambling, rolling out, dropping back. I suspect the bigger problem isn't his physical recovery, rather his mentality worrying if he takes a hit, how that knee will hold up. Once he overcomes that mental hurdle, he'll probably dig in the pocket and eventually forget about that knee. Until then, Wright -- a serviceable quarterback -- will start Sunday; and perhaps at Buffalo.

STACY ANDREWS is "likely" to start Sunday night replacing the injured Bobbie Williams. Yes, you read that right. There's a chance we'll see a six foot seven, 340 pound right guard dwarfing Willie Anderson. That, I have to see.