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Bengals win, 19-3. Post-game After-thoughts

A few quick observations.

  • Early in the game, Washington ran an overloaded blitz (more rushers than blockers) on obvious third down passing plays. When they did, Anthony Wright was either sacked or forced to throw a harmless incomplete pass. In the end, it didn't make a difference. But I have to assume when the game means something and you have a 3rd-and-8, with two linebackers showing blitz on a side that lacks enough blockers, you'll adjust the play or call timeout. Wright did as the game went on, but was sacked and rushed on plays he didn't.
  • Bryan Robinson looked great. On one pass rush he forced Todd Collins to force a throw away a screen pass that landed in John Thornton's arms. On the next drive, the Redskins were on their own five yard line on 3rd-and-7. Robinson broke free forcing Collins to commit an intentional grounding in the end-zone. Safety.
  • I'm not a big fan of Kelley Washington. But anytime I see him dances it makes me hope we keep him on the roster. Trade? Nah. Cut? Nah. Dance? Yea. I can't get enough of it.
  • The Bengals showed nice discipline committing only three penalties.
  • Eric Steinbach, Holding.
  • Robert Geathers, Off-sides.
  • Eric Ghiaciuc, Holding.
  • Bengals running game looked pretty weak.
  • Domata Peko's stat line: 6 tackles, .5 sacks and one "quarterback hit".
  • Rashad Jeanty's stat line: 4 tackles, .5 sacks and one "quarterback hit".
  • I see now what the coaches saw in Frostee Rucker. The guy collapses the offensive line -- quickly.
  • Ahmad Brooks could be something special. He just needs to slow down and not over past a guy in the open field that didn't even make a move yet. John Madden, while in mid-sentence on a topic totally unrelated, stopped immediately and said "that's a missed tackle right there." That, my friends, is a Maddenism.
  • Kenny Watson, in my opinion, should lose his spot on the depth chart. His blocking was embarrassing (except for one where he blew up a blitzing linebacker) and he didn't inspire anyone rushing the ball. In fact, of all the running backs, only DeDe Dorsey had an average yard-per-rush higher than 3.0. I wonder if Watson having the entire 2005 off is just the rust factor. I remember more out of him than I saw on Sunday.
  • Chris Henry is one talented wide receiver. How would we give up on a guy like this? We only heard a brief segment about his off-the-field problems. Yet, that didn't stop any of us from cheering his six receptions for 61 yards and over-the-shoulder touchdown reception.
  • There were plays Andrew Whitworth dominated. There were also plays Whitworth just couldn't keep up with a faster defensive end.
  • Personally, I thought it was a little funny when Chris Collinsworth reported that no Bengals were arrested in the first half. I figure these comments will be pretty common. And I have to admit, I laughed a little when Bettis put his Super Bowl ring on in front of the crowd and almost in unison, Bettis got louder boos than when he was playing. Then you heard "Who-Dey" throughout the rest of the segment. I'll give him credit though, he went into the fire -- and survived.
  • Reggie McNeal rushed for nine yards on an end around. Do you think there's an option in that play that allows him to pass?
  • Compared to the Washington Redskins, the Bengals came out scot-free. Anthony Mitchell (right foot) and Marcus Wilkins (shoulder) were the only casualties in the game.
  • I don't have a problem with NBC Sideline reporter Andrea Kramer. She knows her football. But Clinton Portis the "story of the game"? Huh. Not from this Cincinnatian. Sure, it sucks for the team and their fans, but as soon as he was taken off the field, I didn't really think about him again.
  • I love John Madden. His theory -- he has millions -- is you can't eat Cincinnati chili after "midday". As for the reason? Being on NBC, he can't say why, but we locals understand. From personal experience, yea, he's right.
  • Chad Johnson. Wow.
  • Is it just me? How does Kevin Bacon get in the same commercial with the legendary Michael Jordan?
  • Michael Jordan's resume: six-time NBA Champion, five-time NBA MVP, six-time NBA finals MVP and ten-time NBA all-team. That's just the first page.
  • Kevin Bacon resume: Tremors.
  • Washington's first five possessions: interception, punt, interception, safety, punt, punt.
  • Apparently Dante Culpepper (also recovering from a knee injury) gave some insight on Carson Palmer's recovery. I wonder if he provided Palmer with any deals on boats.
  • 3rd down conversions were pretty abysmal. The Bengals only converted 4 of 14 3rd downs. But it's not like they put themselves in good shape to convert. The Bengals needed (on third downs they didn't convert) 18, 5, 9, 8, 2, 12, 2, 5 (and failed the on 4th-and-7 the next play) and 7 yards to convert.
  • It's not that the running game folded or played horrible; it just seemed like the running game was an after thought in the play calling. When the first team offense played the Redskins first team defense, the running game just wasn't there. Rudi Johnson left the game with less yards (-8) than he had coming in (0).
  • Sticking to the running back theme; when you see a defense in your first preseason game that blitzes well, it's a learning experience for both the coaching staff and players. Linebackers and safeties blitzed freely from Washington's defense forcing the running backs to step up and block. Some did, most didn't.
  • The local pre-game show was hosted by Ken Broo and George Vogel; Andy Fuhrman joined later. On the question of which new Bengal would have the immediate impact, George Vogel picked Dexter Jackson, Andy Fuhrman picked Johnathon Joseph, and Ken Broo picked Andrew Whitworth. At the end of the show, you see the cops take Fuhrman away as Vogel called the "jerk-line". He should have called it on Broo; at least the other guys picked players that will probably play -- a lot.