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What does Time Warner have to risk?

These two sweethearts are sour with each other. Adelphia cable, which carries the NFL network, was acquired by Time Warner. Time Warner then did what they usually do; ticking off their customers. They decided to drop the NFL Network that was carried by Adelphia that customers subscribed to.

"Having failed to reach a deal to carry the network, Time Warner removed it from the homes of 1.3 million customers recently added through the acquisition (with Comcast) of the bankrupt Adelphia Communications.

Time Warner quickly received 7,843 consumer complaints and 88 requests to be disconnected. The NFL fielded another 22,000 complaints.


On Thursday, the FCC ordered reinstatement of the NFL Network, finding that Time Warner appeared to violate the rule that subscribers require 30 days notice about a channel deletion under normal circumstances. The NFL filed a complaint with the agency that also discussed its difficult carriage talks with Time Warner.

I've had friends that own the NFL Network that, for the exception of a few programs, don't watch the channel regularly. I expect that view from a lot of people that are passive fans. I remind them I'm one of thousands that write about their favorite NFL team for free. On their follow up, with my perspective in mind, they say, "oh, yea. You'd love it." No kidding.

The actions with former Adelphia customers are proof the juvenile temper tantrums Time Warner is willing to throw when forced to comply with their customer demands.

Quick note: my internet connection is provided by Time Warner. So if this blog goes silent, you'll now why.