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Article/Camp Roundup

I love it.  Marvin Lewis stops practice and says to his players, overheard by all beat writers: "I don't want to hear any more about it (the heat)." He also said if players were not willing to work hard that they should "get the hell out of here." Did we ever hear that out of Dave Shula, Bruce Coslet, or Dick LeBeau?

Geoff Hobson reports Antonio Chatman and Hannibal Navies "may not play this weekend for the intra-squad scrimmage."  Quarterback, Carson Palmer isn't likely to play neither. All things considered, with the scorching heat, it's surprising to see the lack of heat-related injuries so far.

Keiwan Ratliff believes he has a lot to prove.  "I've been here too long and haven't made a big enough impact, I feel," the cornerback said. "They invested a pick in me and some money in me, and it's time for me to start giving them some return."

Meet the Bengals: Reggie McNeal.
Anyone that lists Family Guy as his favorite television show is "Grade A" in my book. I wonder if Peter King, who leads the charge that the Bengals resemble a state pen, will comment on modesty.  Somehow, I doubt it.

For all the questioning about A.J. Nicholson, it should be noted this guy is looking like a team guy.  Can you imagine seeing a linebacker punt?

Sure, Carson Palmer showing tremendous progress is exciting.  Having, what appears to be, a revamped and stronger defense is exciting.  But the biggest thing I'm excited about is seeing Rudi Johnson this season. He's changed his body and has two healthy legs.  His goal is 1,500 rushing yards.  I think 1,600 is more likely.

The Enquirer has an interesting stat:

The Bengals franchise has completed 9,999 passes in 17,569 attempts (56.9 percent) for 121,253 yards, 729 touchdowns and 618 interceptions. The first completion of the regular season will be the franchise's 10,000th.