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Why Palmer hates the Steelers

Gerry Dulac, columnist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, discusses why Carson Palmer "hates" the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"It's nothing against the city, the fans or the individual players," Palmer said, sitting on a golf cart inside Paul Brown Stadium that was parked in the same runway in which he was carted off the field seven months ago. "It's just the team, that's our rival. They are the guys that are where we want to be. When you play at USC, you hate UCLA. You don't hate the strong safety, you don't hate the left outside linebacker, but it's just something that develops.

"Until you're part of that rivalry, like a fan, like a crazy rabid Steelers fan or a crazy Bengals fan, when you have a love for a team like our fans love our team, like their fans love their team, and they're where you want to be and they have want you want to have, then you get an aggressiveness toward them. It's nothing individually."

Marvin's quote is the best. "Fortunately or unfortunately, we're in the business of putting them out of business."