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Bengals running back depth

Cincinnati Enquirer's Mark Curnutte takes a look at the roster and who's in and who's out.

Mark has Rudi Johnson, Jeremi Johnson and Kenny Watson as locks. Quincy Wilson as "on the bubble" and obviously Chris Perry is on the PUP. Now, if Perry's latest injury only consumes the pre-season and comes back for the regular season then Watson is expendable. DeDe Dorcey deserves a chance at a roster spot. He's by far performed compared to the backup running back battle. Now, obviously playing against third team defense's in the second half factors into the team's evaluation with Dorsey. However, there's two games left and he should be given a chance to back up (or replace) Rudi against the opposing team's best defense.

If I'm making a list of the team's depth at running back based on pre-season games (including Chris Perry), it would be:

Rudi Johnson
Chris Perry
DeDe Dorsey
Quincy Wilson
Practice Squad: Terrence Whitehead

Obviously if Perry remains out, then Watson should have a spot. I just don't think the team missed his presence last season when he was out for the year. And remember, Perry missed a few games towards the end of the season.

It's encouraging to see the depth at running back this team has. Rudi is my pre-season MVP pick. Chris Perry is such a danger -- provided he remains healthy. Dorsey showed he can catch the football. Quincy Wilson is a mini-Rudi. Not a bad deal for the 2006 Cincinnati Bengals.