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Monday morning cup of coffee. reported Willie Anderson's agent is in discussions with the team about a contract extension. His agent even said:

"At least we're talking again," said agent Terry Bolar, who visited with Cincinnati officials last week. "As long as there is some [dialogue] going on, there's always a chance something can happen, but we certainly aren't where we need to be yet."

Now Anderson is saying, "There's no talking going on." OK, whatever.

Chris Perry isn't pleased with the medical staff.

"They checked it out and said nothing was wrong with it and came back and told me something was wrong with it," he said of the knee. "Same with the ankle.

"That's why it took so long. If they had told me about it in February, it would have happened in February. I knew it was hurting, but to the extent that it was, I had no clue. I didn't know that (until) I went and got a second opinion and found out how hurt I really was."

This reminds me of Peter Warrick. We kept hearing that P-Dub was on the road to recovery but failed to materialize. Some blamed the Bengals medical staff.

The team cut Erik Meyer and Tony Bua on Sunday.

Already out for Monday Night's pre-season game against Green Bay:

  • Anthony Mitchell
  • Frostee Rucker
  • Terrence Whitehead
  • Rashad Bauman
However, some guy named Carson Palmer should start that game.