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Tuesday morning cup o' coffee.

Georgetown welcomed a record number of fans attending training camp sessions.

The camp, which lasted July 29-Aug. 11, brought out an estimated 60,000 people, a number that includes a total of 18,700 that turned out for the Bengals intrasquad scrimmage and mock game combined, Georgetown College Athletic Director Eric Ward said.

IT DOESN'T SEEM Marvin Lewis took Chris Perry's comments regarding his frustrating recovery to heart. The head coach says:

"He's frustrated, and maybe he said he a little more than he should say," Lewis said. "But he's injured and working his butt off to get himself back. And hopefully one day soon he'll be out there."

While still in the "medical" stage, Perry is recovering from recent surgery that's forced him to miss camp. He contends that the medical staff misdiagnosed his injury after getting a second independent opinion. Perry's frustration seems justified to me.


  • Players that either missed Monday's practice or are training on the side: David Pollack, Brian Simmons, Levi Jones, Justin Smith,
  • Players recently out, now practicing: Naufahu Tahi, Deltha O'Neal, Tab Perry
  • Rashad Bauman is out for the season after tearing his left patella tendon against Buffalo.
  • Anthony Mitchell has a "combination of a sprain and a break" on his right foot.
Finally, Chris Henry's trial has yet to happen in Florida on felony concealed firearms charge.