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Madden '07 is on the way... Seattle will miss playoffs

OK, I forked over the money and bought the XBox 360 WITH Madden 2007. As a consequence, I'll have to forgo a few bills -- who needs water when you have Mountain Dew and Doritos?

Compadre Shrug is excited. One of his links goes to a Page 2 story on positional top-tens. Carson is rated as the third best QB, Rudi as the 8th best RB, and Chad with the best rating (tied with four others).

I should have my new system and game on Friday. So if you see inactivity here for the weekend, well, you'll now know why.

Word has it Chad Johnson turned down being the cover guy because of the Madden Curse

I don't want to bring Shrug's party down -- personally, I hate party poopers myself. But the evidence presented here shows Seattle will miss the playoffs and SHAUN Alexander suffering a devastating injury.

Madden '00 - Barry Sanders suddenly retires.
Madden '02 - Dante Culpepper injured five games, team missed playoffs.
Madden '03 - Marshall Faulk, miserable season, team missed playoffs.
Madden '04 - Michael Vick broke leg, missed 11 games, and team missed playoffs.
Madden '05 - Ray Lewis broke wrist and team missed playoffs.
Madden '06 - Donovan McNabb injured seven games and team missed playoffs.