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A few quick hits

With the loss of Rashad Bauman and Anthony Mitchell for the season, the Bengals secondary looks like this.


  1. Deltha O'Neal
  2. Tory James
  3. Keiwan Ratliff
  4. Johnathon Joseph
  5. Patrick Body
  6. Greg Brooks
  1. Dexter Jackson
  2. Madieu Williams
  3. Kevin Kaesviharn
  4. John Busing
  5. Herana-Daze Jones
  6. Ethan Kilmer

The 2007 Pro Football Hall of Fame Senior Nominees are named: Cleveland Browns guard Gene Hickerson and Detroit Lions tight end Charlie Sanders. The Hall of Fame selection meeting (39-member board of selectors) will be held one day before Super Bowl XLI (Feb. 3rd, 2007).

This Monday, the Bengals host the Green Bay Packers. In 2005, Cincinnati won 21-14 when the defense intercepted five passes; Deltha O'Neal (2), Odell Thurman (2), Tory James.

Most know Chris Henry is dealing with legal issues that could limit his season. However, more importantly, his recovery hasn't been as smooth as Carson's. "I'm still trying to come back. I'm not 100 percent." It remains to be seen if he'll suit up Monday.

David Pollack is batting 1.000 when it comes to missing training camp -- not by his choice. Converting from lineman to linebacker, Pollack's 19-day holdout last season slowed any impact he could have had. With a new season and participating in training camp, Pollack was bound to make 2006 a breakout season; 17-days post intra-squad scrimmage, he's finally back on the field.

The Bengals, as a team, have rushed 59 times for 198 yards for the pre-season.