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Pluto gondo, Friday morning cup o' coffee.

OK, Sam Adams. As of right now, Adams says Marvin Lewis has the final say as to whether he can play or not Monday.

To me, Adams is the kind of guy with a responsibility that doesn't require too much pre-season work. After all, do we want him to lose weight? Uh, no. Do we need him to play every single down? Uh, no. Adams was brought here to crush the rushing offense; losing weight and conditioning for every down isn't all that appealing for a guy that will demand two blockers.

The NFL, this off-season, decided to ban local television cameras due to "congestion" on the sidelines. The Cincinnati news channels decided the best chance they had putting their cameras on the sideline was cooperation.

In a cooperative agreement approved by the Bengals and NFL, the stations are taking turns shooting and sharing video at games this season.

(non-football entry)
On Thursday, the International Astronomical Union had a brilliant idea -- demoting Pluto from planetary status. Now Pluto is considered a dwarf planet because it doesn't fulfill humanity's description of what a planet should be. It all started when astronomers discovered a similar piece of rock in the sky that mirrored Pluto's characteristics. First the IAU wanted to redefine Planets as rocks that orbit the sun and create enough gravity to make the piece of rock rounded. By that definition, a possibility of 50 new rocks could be considered planets. As anti-climatic as possible, they said the heck with all that, let's just drop Pluto from the classical nine. Residents of Pluto are devastated.

What's the bigger issue? Matthias Askew found not guilty? Or Askew being tazed? My point is, if he was tazed, but not found guilty, did the Cincinnati police over-react and use excessive force? Or is this pretty irrelevant considering Askew is off the team?

Chad Johnson has a touchdown celebration up his sleeve. I know someone that tires of his celebration antics; personally, I don't mind. I'm too fired up after he hauls a 50-yard pass for touchdown to really care. Now if Kelley Washington scores a touchdown, I'll have the record button on my DVR at the ready.

We know Carson Palmer will start Monday night. What we don't know is how long he'll play. Palmer has hinted that he could play into the first series of the second half. While others conservatively suggest he may not even complete the first quarter. Personally, I'm just glad to see he's taking the chance. Not because I think the team requires him right now to make the playoffs. It'll be nice for him -- and the media and fans -- to move on to the next stage of his recovery -- completion.

If asked who would be my pick for surprise cut of the year, it would be Chris Perry. His durability has been questioned since being drafted in 2004. And, like Ken Griffey Jr., it's not like wants this. Perry is also a competitor that's fallen on hard times. Luckily, we have a great running back in Rudi Johnson that Perry's recovery can take time if he needs it. But I always go back to Marvin Lewis saying they'll need to make a decision if Perry can't get healthy. Whether that means putting him on PUP at the start of the season, putting him on IR, or releasing him, is up in the air.

Finally I'd like welcome "TheSportsGuru" who will be blogging the Denver Broncos at the Mile High Report.