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Initial impressions against Green Bay

While the game is delayed, I wanted to run a few things in my notes.

  • Kenny Watson may have just lost a roster spot to Quincy Wilson. DeDe Dorsey to the practice squad?
  • Robert Geathers has made leaps and strides every season he's played. I'm convinced, with the quickness we're seeing out of him now, that he has the potential of being a pro-bowl player within the next three seasons.
  • Dexter Jackson and Sam Adams could really be the pieces that push the Bengals over as the best team in the NFL.
  • My on-the-site spy called me and wanted to relay something about Sam Adams. There was a series of plays where an Packers offensive lineman cut him at the knees -- back-to-back. After a penalty that stopped the play immediately after the snap, Sam Adams was on top of the guy, with both hands, pushing his head into the ground. It's ok; the other guy had a helmet.
  • Peko is a good talent. But I'm noticing a constant trend with the defensive lineman. While he makes great plays at times, he also gets pushed 3-4 yards back.
  • If Monday Night was the first game you saw with the Bengals varsity offense, I'll bet you were impressed. I'll bet you also saw just how important it was for us (Bengals fans) to see what we saw during the first half.  Palmer, on 14 attempts, completed nine passes for 140 yards and three touchdowns. His 11-yards rushing didn't really define the moment we got excited as fans; although it was beautiful. It was the rollouts and scrambles where he was buried after letting the pass go and getting back up. It was the moment he jumped up, jogged to the new line of scrimmage, called the play based on the defense he saw, and completed another pass.
  • I'm convinced Keiwan Ratliff will only be a starter on this team if both starters get hurt.
  • I'm not sure, but I think Tony Kornheiser is making a call to the Jerk-Line because he's four hours past his bed time (it's 11:16PM Eastern).