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Pre-season Game #3 - Post game notes

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Well, as you can imagine, the Carson Palmer "aces" test articles are out there.

What made Palmer's performance sweeter was the lack of a running game. Rudi, on 12 carries, only rushed for 35 yards. Either the Packers focused on the run suspecting Palmer to struggle, or are just that good against the run. But as some would like you to believe, this team won't have a problem rushing the ball for one reason; Carson Palmer.

Cincinnati's possessions with Palmer at quarterback ended with a field goal, touchdown, touchdown and touchdown. The best drive of the night: 13-plays, 90-yards that ended in a 33-yard touchdown reception by T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

In the first half, the Bengals converted six of seven third down situations. The one they missed was the first third down the varsity offense faced; incomplete pass Kenny Watson -- who just dropped it. The other Carson Palmer led third downs:

  • 3rd and 3 at the Green Bay 6-yard line. Palmer dropped back while Reggie Kelly ran an option route stopped, and turned around at the first down marker. Palmer slung the pass to Kelly and the tight end fell three yards into the end-zone.
  • 3rd and 11 at the Cincinnati 20. After an incomplete pass to Antonio Chatman and a one-yard loss by Rudi Johnson, the Bengals were stuck with a 3rd-and-11. Palmer rips a pass to Tab Perry well short of the first down. Perry collides with his defender and does a great job staying on his feet and getting the first yard. Great effort.
  • 3rd and 12 at the Cincinnati 47. Again, after an incomplete pass and a negative Rudi Johnson run, Palmer rips a pass to T.J. Houshmandzadeh (short), who does some wicked spin move and finds the first down.
  • 3rd and 7 at the Green Bay 34. Palmer completes a 12-yard pass to Whose-Your-Momma.
  • 3rd and 3 at the Green Bay 15. Palmer completes a 15-yard pass for touchdown to Tab Perry. The best part is the guy defending Perry, gave up before the pass was thrown, and the Bengals went up 31-0.

The Bengals won Time of Possession 30:18-29:42; including a 10:06 second quarter.

One of the guys that stood out for me on defense was Rashad Jeanty - again! It seemed like he was making his way into the opposition's backfield nearly every play. Once, running to the left, Jeanty came up and stuffed the blocking fullback while John Thornton took down Ahmad Green near the line of scrimmage.

Sam Adams size was impressive; but his quickness shocked me. On the 4th-and-inches at Green Bay's own 44, Favre handed off to Green who gained two yards and the first down. They ran away from Adams who flew down the line of scrimmage and made the tackle - again, on the other side of the line!

Shayne Graham kicked two of his first three kickoffs eight yards deep into the end-zone.

I'm serious when I say Kenny Watson should be terrified of being cut. He dropped two passes last night, gained one yard rushing (on only one attempt) and was hardly a fixture on the varsity offense. But I know he was there; he dropped Palmer's first pass that should have been a first down. Chatman saved Watson from having the worst rushing stats of the game by losing three yards on a reverse. Dorsey had 59 yards and Wilson had 35. These guys are on the field making plays and earning first downs. Exactly where does it state that Watson is the only guy that can backup Chris Perry? And the nil sacks on any Cincinnati quarterback shows these guys can also block.

David Pollack was MIA most of the game. But he did make a tackle on Bubba Franks.

Tory James had a rough start. After giving up inside position on a slant that gained 15-yards, James was called for a personal foul face-mask (another 15 yards). But all in all, in regards to penalties, the Bengals looked good.

  • Tory James, 15-yard face-mask.
  • Chris Henry, 5-yard illegal formation.
  • Darnell Sanders, 10-yard offensive holding.
  • Patrick Body, 50-yard defensive pass interference.

Caleb Miller, replacing an injured Brian Simmons, led the team with seven tackles. Robert Geathers and Bryan Robinson, each, recorded a sack. The defensive line played great.

Actually the entire team played great: almost like they too were inspired by Carson Palmer's return; maybe more than the fans.

What else did you guys notice?