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Adams will be ready, wants to dominate

There's been slight complaining (imagine that) about Sam Adams not practicing right now.  Some call it a "free pass" questioning if he doesn't have too, why not the other veterans?  It's really not a big deal to me as long as they play and are ready for week one.  But that doesn't stop the critics.

Adams isn't concerned saying: "I'll be ready when the bullets fly"  Sticking with Adams, I put this on the level of "sweet" (voice of Cartman): "I like to physically dominate the guy in front of me," said Adams. "I like to beat on him. I like to hurt him"

CARSON PALMER, Rudi Johnson, and John Thornton didn't practice Wednesday night.  

Also in Mark's Notebook, he reports an "estimated 4,500" showed up at last night's practice.  Compare that to 22,110 that showed up at last night's Reds game.  How interesting is that?  A Bengals practice before the first pre-season game drew a fifth of the Reds crowd; while still in the pennant race.

THE BENGALS SHOULD see a few players return to practice by next week, writes Bill Rabinowitz. Kelley Washington, Antonio Chatman, Erik Meyer, Jonathan Fanene and Kyle Takavitz have either returned or should be back by next week.

Rabinowitz also writes Henry is showing a level of maturity that could save his job with the team. As Kevin Goheen writes, Henry "is the player to beat out for the No. 3 wide receiver".

Eric Henderson