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Bengals defensive line looking good

I think the expectation the Bengals defensive would improve remained consistent across the board. But I think there's going to be more to it than that... especially at the defensive line.

  • Sam Adams. If you take two offensive linemen to block Adams up the middle, you'll have a roaming middle linebacker loading up to make a big play. When Odell Thurman gets back, this defense will explode -- homer-like: this will be a top-ten defense.
  • Bryan Robinson and Robert Geathers. Robinson, while only recording one sack, has constantly pressured the quarterback. Geathers more so with 1.5 sacks this pre-season -- oh, and Geathers has been playing in coverage when only three rush.
  • Domata Peko. In his first two pre-season games, Peko recorded 12 tackles, 1 sack (0.5 per game) and a forced fumble.
  • Justin Smith is getting to the quarterback this pre-season. He led the team with seven tackles and two sacks against Buffalo.