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Palmer to start Friday

Whoever made the pre-season schedule must have known a team playing on Monday would be rested and healed for another game on Friday. Morons. But that's not stopping the franchise from taking on the Colts this Friday; Carson Palmer is more concerned about improving his play now, not testing the knee.

Marvin gave Palmer the ultimate comment a coach can give his player.

"Carson kind of does what Carson does," the coach said. "He plays his position very well. He made good decisions, good choices. He didn't force the football. He handled all the stuff that's been on his shoulders for six months now. He went out and performed his job as though nothing ever occurred. And that's why you take your hat off to him.

"We have a great guy at the helm of the football team there. He's kind of unflappable, and he keeps doing his thing his way. He makes other guys raise their game to his level."

Over at BengalsZone, I wrote up a piece explaining how Palmer's return was much more than just seeing him on the field.

Carson Palmer's "comeback" created a different aura, even with the defense. They hit hard, sold out and played with fiery. Maybe it was Sam Adams' introduction to a unit Cincinnati is excited to see results from. Maybe it was the atmosphere of Monday Night, playing in front of a sold-out home crowd on national television. I say no to all of that. Palmer coming back reminded everyone this is the team to beat in the AFC North. No questions asked and no ifs said in mid-sentence.