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Bengals wonders, rankings, and musings

I've got great news. On Friday, the Bengals will play the Indy Colts and I'll be doing a log for the game. Not a play-by-play log, but something similar to Monday Night's game. So come on over if you've got nothing better to do on a Friday night and join me in conversation. Debate who will make the team, how first team vs. first team look, etc.. it should be fun. Plus we can make fun of the Steelers (note to Steelers fans: relax, we're kidding... maybe).

My vote for exciting game of the year went to last year's 37-45 loss to the Colts. Palmer and Manning passed 78 times combined. Chad fell 11-yards short of 200 and the Colts scored a touchdown on their first five drives. While I don't think we'll see the same Madden-like game Friday night, we could be seeing a preview of the December 18th Monday night game at Indy.

..will be how the roster pans out at running back. I know I've harped on it, but it's still up in the air. I've been very un-impressed with Kenny Watson's lack of results in his very limited playing time. Should DeDe Dorsey, whose work ethic reminded Marvin Lewis of a young "Rudi J.", be rewarded with hard work and a resume of productive opportunities? Will Dorsey get the chance to play against a first team defense to remove that "if" from people that need to see more from Dorsey?

Frostee Rucker and Brian Simmons have returned to practice. It's still unknown if they, along with David Pollack, will play.

...for me is the linebacker spot. Here's my rankings for linebackers that includes the suspended Odell Thurman.

1.    Thurman
2.    Brian Simmons
3.    Landon Johnson
4.    David Pollack
5.    Rashad Jeanty
6.    Caleb Miller
7.    A.J. Nicholson
8.    Ahmad Brooks
9.    Marcus Wilkins

No, I'm not on crack. I put Thurman at the top of the list because I believe he's the most talented player with the best "big-play" potential on this roster. I think Landon is higher (not a Chris Henry reference) than Pollack because Johnson has contributed longer with a deeper resume. Jeanty is the new kid on the block that's going to be awesome. Brooks -- while big, nasty, and quick -- is still in a very young stage of his career.

On another note, I haven't spoken about the safety position much. My rankings:

1.    Madieu Williams
2.    Dexter Jackson
3.    Ethan Kilmer
4.    John Busing
5.    Kevin Kaesviharn
6.    Herana-Daze Jones

I put K.K. so far down because I honestly don't know if he'll make the roster- I could be wrong. Kilmer has been thought of as a Marvin Lewis favorite and Busing has had some success this pre-season.

Williams and Jackson could combine to be one of the best safety tandems in the league.

I wonder quickly fans will turn off the Bengals game once the first team exits Friday night. The Starters are good, but it's the depth that wins games and championships. The Bengals depth is looking scary-good...

...if Shayne Graham should sell a book explaining how to kick 20 yards deeper than last season, on average. Call it "Graham Crackin' to the Bank"...

...if Rudi Johnson's running game will gain SOME momentum heading into Kansas City...

...if you'll actually see ANOTHER inspirational football movie; this time with the ROCK as the head coach. Give me the Program, the Replacements and Rudy and I'm good...

...if sports talk radio and newspaper articles that criticizes fans (their customers) is actually a well thought-out idea...