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Area bloggers grow - a rant on local sports media

Is it just me, or does the local sports media enjoy slamming fans about the Reds attendance?  First, you hear what's wrong with the Reds then why more people aren't going to games. The Cincinnati Enquirer runs a piece about "poor" attendance and the local sports media ran with it.

I notice area sports blogs going up and I ask, "is this the new-age media?  Is this a trend?" Fans, including me, are finding ways not to be demeaned when listening/watching/reading area sports coverage. If we wanted to be treated like five year olds in school for talking without raising our hands and losing the only golden star we could have earned that day, we'd just assume do it elsewhere.

But I guess I'm half the problem.  I don't call in, write to columnists, or call producers expressing my opinion.  I just change the channel, turn the page, or turn my CD player on.  That way I'm not forced to hear how bad a fan I am for not going to a game recently.

I've gone to a few this year; will be going to a few more when the Cards come to town.  Rather than chatting about the game, most likely we'll hear more about attendance woes.  Why in the world would I want to hear/read/see this when I'm going to the games? Sean Hannity has more appeal for me at this point.

I'm not ripping the local sports guys (if I were, I'd be name dropping). I just happen to disagree with them -- (like I disagreed with them when they didn't defend Bengals fans for a Pittsburgh writer taking words from a Bengals forum and spinning it badly in regards to Big Ben getting run over by grandma). If there's a genuine concern to find a reason for lower attendance, head to city council and ask them why droves and droves are moving 20-30 minutes out of downtown Cincinnati and why they can't bring crime down. Believe it or not, that is a genuine concern for a lot. You ask questions and want answers, there's one.

However, a lot of us simply don't live near Cincinnati anymore. Personally speaking, I'd be lucky to get home after work and back on the road to make a 7:10pm starting time. I went to the game against the Mets a few weeks back and had to take off an hour early just to make the starting time. More and more people don't have the luxury of having the schedule of the sports media.

Anyway, I'll be going up either Tuesday and/or Wednesday (management approved). Hope to see ya there.

I added two more local blogs to the roll-call. I don't have much. If you have one that should be added, let me know.