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Quick notes on Intra-Squad Scrimmage

UPDATE: updates some numbers from yesterday's intra-squad scrimmage giving Chris Henry 117 with receptions of 21, 37 and 50 yards. Bennie Brazell had five grabs for 89 yards. Carson Palmer completed four passes for 57 yards on nine attempts. You can see complete stats here (PDF file)

David Pollack and Brazell were the only injury causalties. More notes in Curnutte's blog.

Oh, by the way, the offense won, 41-25.

The crazy part in all this? Fans were actually turned away at the gate. A far cry from four years ago.

First, I'd like to mention WKRC doing a service broadcasting the intra-squad scrimmage online. Here are a couple of notes:

  • Chris Henry, frankly, was a stud.  Now, remember, stats are at this point, are not available.  However, Henry easily had 20+ yards per catch.  He looked great.
  • Quincy Wilson runs with a style very similar to Rudi Johnson.
  • Bennie Brazell will be a stud.  He fell earlier with what looks like a cramp.  But it could be a hamstring pull.
  • Anthony Wright led the offense and it looked good.  Not stellar, but if Carson Palmer isn't able to start, I'm confident he'll be passable.
  • Palmer started very erratic, but as the game went on, he did better.  But I didn't see any problems in terms of his injury.  He still has time -- and he needs it -- to get more accurate.
  • Tab Perry reminded us why he's a threat on the goal-line with the offense's first two touchdowns.
  • There was 9,400 in attendance.
  • Stacey Andrews also played right guard as Bobbie Williams didn't play.
  • Kyle Larson looked like Tiger Woods in rhythm driving the ball.  At one point he was averaging 56 yards after six punts.
Dave Lapham provided some stats I thought would be interesting for you.
  • Shayne Graham, going back to last season, has kicked 14 straight field goals.  That record will continue for week 1. He's kicked 156 straight extra points; 128 as a Bengal.
  • Tab Perry holds two records.  Perry returned 64 kickoffs and 1,562 kickoff return yards for the season; both team records.  He's also tied for 7th with a 94 yard kickoff return against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game, Perry has the 4th most kickoff return yards (194).
Did you watch? Where you there? What did you think?