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Wednesday morning cup o' coffee

Anthony Wright missed practice Tuesday due to "tendonitis in the biceps of his right throwing arm". Wright still expects to start on Sunday.

KC Joyner, Football Scientist, says Chad Johnson will be tested (Insider) based on the competition he's scheduled to face.

Maurice Clarett's story is truly a sad one. With a bright future, tons of talent, and limitless potential, Clarett gets in trouble again:

Clarett was arrested early Wednesday after a highway chase that ended with police using Mace him and finding four loaded guns in his sport utility vehicle, a police spokesman said.

The incompetent sports media continue uses the same boring and spun diatribes against the Bengals and their troubles. Enter Tom Reed who compares the Bengals with his blue man comedy tour audition the Bengals as murderers, thieves, and rapists (ala Longest Yard). If you look at it on a case by case basis, you'll note it's really not that bad.

Again, I make the point, blogs are exploding around the nation because the media just doesn't serve the purpose it once did; provide intellect. However, I don't blame Mr. Reed. He's just on a train that's close to running out of track.

The Edmonton Eskimos are proud of Rashad Jeanty and his impressive camp.