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Pre-game I-74 Battle Notes

When the Bengals announced a 5-year contract extension with three-time pro-bowl Willie Anderson on Thursday, I was elated. Anderson is a consummate professional, team-leader, mentor, and the anchor to an already all-star foundation. This signing brings up a few thoughts.

  • Is Stacey Andrews done as a project and relegated to backup status for as long as he's a Bengal? Did we expect more?
  • Eric Steinbach being the odd man out. The signing, some suspect, will deny Steinbach a monstrous contract. Let's examine a few things. On the depth chart as Steinbach's backup is Andrew Whitworth. Levi Jones and Willie Anderson sign long-term deals this off-season closing the door for any opening at tackle. Will Whitworth be the Bengals guard replacing Steinbach in 2007?

BigBlueShoe, Stampede Blue, is out for Friday night's game. That's ok. It just means we can hold our rants against each other until December 18th.

Matthias Askew is filing a $50 million lawsuit against the city of Cincinnati claiming police used "excessive force" during his initial arrest -- he was later found not guilty.

He couldn't even earn a single million while in a Bengals uniform, so he figures he'll get 50 times as much the easy way.

Well, we have our NBA talent going against the world's "best" and the U.S.A., again, loses. I thought they'd win it all, I really did. But it just goes to show how special the original dream team was; there will never be anything like it again.

Forbes released their annual list ranking value among NFL teams. The Redskins top the list valued at $1.4 billion. The Bengals are ranked 23rd with a value of $825 million.

Kickoff starts at 7 p.m. EDT on Channel 12 in Cincinnati (22 and 45 in Dayton, 4 in Columbus, 36 in Lexington, 41 in Louisville).

  • Current 3-0 record breaks long losing streak of pre-seasons without a winning record going back to 1988.
  • 1971 was the last season the Bengals went undefeated in the pre-season.
  • If you're confused with the title, I-74 is the highway that connects Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The 110 mile drive is the "closest geographical rivalry among cities in the AFC" (Bengals press release).  
  • Stampede Blue reports the Adam Vinatieri doesn't have a broken foot.